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Fun and Functional Winter Home Decor

As the weather gets colder in Indianapolis, you may be thinking about ways to redecorate or accessorize your apartment for the winter season. It’s a great time to rearrange and make your place a little cozier. Here are some winter decor trends that are both fun and functional. 

Layer cozy textures

Velvet, fleece, and faux fur are luxuriously cozy options for draping over your chairs, sofas, and beds in the wintertime. You can also place a faux sheepskin over a bench or dining chair for a little more warmth and comfort during meals. It looks attractive, and you’ll never have to search for something to throw over your shoulders when you’re relaxing at home. 

Make Sure Your Floors Are Covered

Adding a soft, thick rug over your plank flooring in the wintertime not only looks cozy but helps insulate against the cold as well. And even in rooms that are carpeted, don’t be afraid to layer a patterned area rug or sheepskin. It’s a great way to add color, softness, and texture to any space. 

Let In More Light

You might spot a good place in your home to set up an extra floor or table lamp as it gets dark earlier in the evening. If you’re feeling ambitious, you might even rotate in some lighter, brighter window treatments that allow you to take advantage of natural sunlight during the day. 

Keep it Green

When plant life outside is dormant, it’s nice to have some hardy indoor houseplants to keep your space green even through the winter. Snake plants, Jade, fiddle leaf fig, philodendron, and aloe plants thrive indoors in the winter. 

Create a Cozier Arrangement

Rearranging your furniture can give rooms a fresh look for winter. You may want to pull pieces toward the center of the room to create a cozier gathering spot for winter entertaining. Plush fabrics and upholstery add warmth even without a roaring fire.

Add Some Color

It might be gray and dreary outside, but it doesn’t have to be that way in your home! Pops of bright, bold colors like deep blue, forest green, and even orange and purple can help prevent that winter monochrome from seeping into your home. 

Embrace Winter fragrances

Potpourri, oils, and scented wax warmers can contribute to a cozier space without creating a fire hazard. And remember that winter fragrances don’t all have to be evergreen and gingerbread. Apple and cinnamon, pear, maple, and pomegranate all make great winter scents. 

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Ready to start your new chapter? Lease by 4/30/2023 to receive a REDUCED RATE and $150.00 worth of household items for your new home!