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Up Your Cooking Game

Get the Best Items for You Wilshaw Kitchen

People who love to cook love Wilshaw’s large upscale kitchens. With luxury design elements like granite countertops and stainless steel appliances, our spacious open-plan kitchens are a dream for foodies. 

When you live here, you might even be inspired to upgrade your kitchen gear to complement your new surroundings and give your meals a professional touch. Here are a few easy upgrades to take your kitchen creations from everyday to extraordinary:

Get a Multi-Use Appliance

While a traditional toaster comes in handy at breakfast time, a new toaster oven can be endlessly useful all day long. Beyond your morning bagel, a countertop toaster oven can reheat leftover pizza, bake your appetizers to perfect crispiness, even roast a chicken! 

Chop Your Prep Time and Effort in Half

Getting serious about your cooking game means investing in quality prep tools. A new, high-quality knife set will make slicing and chopping a breeze. Plan on getting a new wood cutting board, too, as wood is gentle on knife blades. For your more complicated recipes, a food processor will let you mince and dice with just the push of a button. 

Measure Like a Pro

Professional chefs take precision in the kitchen very seriously. A quality meat thermometer will help you safely prepare meat without any guesswork. For deep-frying, candy-making, and other high-heat cooking, you’ll need a separate thermometer that can register temperatures up to 400.

Show Off Your Creations

Once you’ve put all that work into your culinary masterpieces, you’ll want to present them properly. A new set of dishes is a great backdrop for your meals, and the spacious granite-topped island in your Wilshaw kitchen has plenty of room for stylish placemats and place settings that set the mood. Don’t forget to snap a few photos for Instagram!

A Home Chef’s Dream Apartment 

Conveniently located just minutes from downtown Indianapolis and IUPUI, Wilshaw offers modern, upscale apartments full of carefully selected details. With an onsite fitness center, valet trash service, 9’ ceilings, and in-home laundry, Wilshaw is the perfect combination of convenience and elegance. Upgrade your lifestyle – call us now to inquire about your new apartment: (317) 342-9441.

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